Airtame 2 無線簡報器 |硬體規格與功能介紹

Airtame 2 無線簡報器 |硬體規格與功能介紹
A501 Airtame 2 無線簡報器 |硬體規格與功能介紹

Airtame 2 產品介紹

[中文: Google Translate] Airtame 2 是專為各種專業環境設計的數字標牌和無線演示設備。 它易於使用和管理,非常適合重視可靠性和靈活功能的學校、辦公室和企業。
在 Airtame 2 上,有一個 Kensington 安全插鎖槽,可用於物理保護產品。 Airtame 2 通過 2.3A USB 電源適配器(或我們的 Airtame PoE 適配器配件)供電,並使用強大的磁鐵和永久性粘合劑安裝在牆上 – 或者只需將強大的磁鐵粘貼到任何黑色金屬框架上。
憑藉可靠的安全協議、中央雲管理和多種巧妙的標牌用途,Airtame 2 是最簡單、最智能的無線呈現方式。

The Airtame 2 is a digital signage and wireless presentation device designed for all kinds of professional environments. Its ease of use and management makes it ideal for schools, offices and enterprises that value reliability and flexible functionality.
On the Airtame 2, there’s a Kensington lock slot that can be used to physically secure the product. Airtame 2 is powered through a 2.3A USB power adaptor (or our Airtame PoE Adapter accessory) and mounted to the wall with a powerful magnet and permanent adhesive – or simply by sticking the powerful magnetic onto any ferrous metal frame.
With solid security protocols, central cloud management and several clever signage purposes, Airtame 2 is the simplest and smartest way to present wirelessly.

功能 無線簡報畫面傳送 Present to any screen, in any room, from any device

Wireless screen sharing makes it easy to engage the room, whether you’re teaching a class, or collaborating with colleagues. Cast from your personal device to the shared screen. Airtame makes it easy for anyone to use.
With Airtame 2:
Share from any device with Miracast, AirPlay, GoogleCast, or from the Airtame App
Share what you want, with full screen mirroring or just a single window; even cast to multiple screens
Share it securely, with PIN code connect, windows domain authentication
No shared content leaves your local network

功能 數位看板 雲端管理 Educate, inform and engage

When your screens are inactive, turn them into digital signage with Airtame2 and Cloud Plus. Display information on upcoming events, class schedules or company news. Show motivational messages, product videos and more.
Design your display
Display websites, room agendas, digital menu boards, project progress and more. Access a range of apps including Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more.
Schedule in advance
Set specific times and days for content to show on each screen around the school or office.
Preview content
See what’s showing on each of your screens, via Airtame Cloud, to make sure you have the right content and correct image quality.


Screen connections 影音介面
HDMI 1.4b / VGA* / DVI* *With external adapter

Output resolutions 輸出解析度
1920 x 1080 (up to 60 Hz progressive mode)
1280 x 720 (up to 60 Hz)

Connections 接頭
1 x USB-C (Power, HDMI, USB Host, Ethernet)
1 x Micro USB OTG port (Ethernet*)
Designed to work with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Wireless 無線 WiFi 規格
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WPA2-PSK/WPA2-EAP/Open

Power consumption 功耗
Expected: 0.7 – 1 A @ 5 V* = 3.5-5W
Max: 2.4 A @ 5 V* = 12W

Device Dimensions 商品尺寸
Ø: 77.90 mm (3.07 inch)
H: 13.50 mm (0.53 inch)


台灣總代理 科奧國際有限公司


Airtame 2無線投影伺服器!
支援 iOS , Android , Windows 10 , Mac 四大平台,無須下載任何 APP就可以立即使用,更不需要有任何硬體接在NB(Windows 10 及 Mac )上!
支援觸控顯示器及互動投影機,回控NB((Windows 10 及 M均支援支援 )
Airtame 2台灣總代理
mail : fred.nien@gmail.com
Line ID : fred_tw

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1.不需要安裝APP, 也不需要連接任何硬體到你NB, 手機,平板電腦,就能無線投影。

Mirroring Support-Google cast/Miracast/Airplay
Airtame app
讓你不再需要轉插器或連接線到電腦即可連接屏幕。 而且,Airtame適用於所有主流平台,包括Windows, Mac,Linux或者Chromebook

Airtame 2保障你的工作環境
支援商業網絡-以用户名稱及密碼連接Airtame to your WiFi with both username and password.


Samsung Galaxy 三星手機 Smart View 投影 教學

使用 Miracast 分享 Windows 電腦 的畫面

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Airtame 2介紹影片

Airtame 2 is a device for streaming content wirelessly. Connect it to the HDMI port on your TV or projector and share your screen from any device. Say goodbye to cables. Present wirelessly from any device, introduce digital signage and revolutionize your work environment with Airtame 2. No cables. No adapters. No nonsense. Our new product comes with some legacy. We launched Airtame back in 2014 with a record-breaking Indiegogo campaign. Since then, we’ve shipped over 100k first-generation Airtame devices, and helped unlock a new way to work and education. Airtame 2 is the next big step in our journey.